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THE ARMADA FANIA CLUB Opening Night Screening

We are proud to announce the partnering with our good friends at the ARMADA FANIA Club and Pop Up Shop. The entire cast will be making an appearance on May 22nd where they will screen their latest episode, sign some autographs for fans, and will perform some Fania originals! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the cast, go to

Fania Records often referred to as the “Motown” of Latin music, is proud to announce The Armada Fania Club & Pop-Up Store happening from May 22-25 at The 1896 in Brooklyn, NY located off the Brooklyn bound L train at Jefferson. This four-night event combines a club with an all-star lineup of DJs mixing original and remix sounds of Latin Soul, Funk, Boogaloo, Salsa and more with an intimate and beautiful pop-up store experience filled with Fania’s famed catalog and merchandise (from vinyl and CDs to tees, DVDs, apparel and more).


Featuring An All-Star DJ Lineup:
May 22nd: – DJ Turmix
– Whiskey Barons
– D’Marquesina

May 23rd: – Rice & Beans SoundSystem
– Tony Touch

May 24th: – DNGR GRDN
– DJ Wasabi
– Louie Vega

May 25th: – DJ Canyon Cody
– Foglia
– Que Bajo

The 1896
215 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

It is a Free event, all you need to do is RSVP at:

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EWB on

Check out the great article in DNAinfo about the show and what to expect in the new season of East WillyB.

BUSHWICK — One vigilant watchdog has his eye out for all newcomers to the neighborhood. If you weren’t born within its borders, beware: you’re an “illegal” Bushwick immigrant.

That “anti-hipster” patroller, named Cesar, is the latest addition to the “East WillyB” web series, a comedy featuring a wide range of Latino life in…



Read more:

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A Lesson from NALIP: "I Hope You All Fail"

I’m writing this blog post at 4:45am. I have never woken up at this time voluntarily. I’ve also never raised 50K.- Julia Grob

I’m dying to share with you my recent experiences at the 2012 National Association of Latino Independent Producer’s (NALIP) Conference in LA, where I was invited to speak on a panel entitled “How to Create, Produce, and Star in your own Webisodes” as part of NALIP’s Actor’s Summit. First of all, I love speaking to actors about the journey of creating “East WillyB” because it’s so empowering. It shows actors that, despite the odds against your success, you can take matters into your own hands a create an incredibly empowering career for yourself.

I shared the stage with two of my favorite colleagues Mark Gantt (“The Bannen Way” on Sony Crackle), who frequently references being told “You’re not George Clooney,” and Ruth Livier (“Ylse”), who created an awesome series featuring herself as a Latina “Bridget Jones.” We’re all kind of obsessed with each other and are secretly working on a series (think “Big Love” meets “Rob!” HA!). What I love about speaking with these two fabulous actors is, while our experiences creating our shows have all been different, we each share a passion for taking the reins of our careers and molding them to fit our visions. We have created our own entry into an industry that constantly forces actors to be responsive, not proactive. We’ve changed the conversation and entered the room as creators, executives, producers, writers, AND actors, and our careers are stronger for it.

Needless to say, the panel was a huge success! (Read about it in more detail here) Actors came up to me all weekend telling me how inspiring and empowering it was to hear us speak. With the panel complete, I was most excited to hear one of my heroes and thought leaders, Robert Rodriguez, speak the following day at lunch. Here is a man who defied the rules of the entertainment industry, took matters into his own hands, and flipped the script. I was determined to meet him.

“I hope you all fail,” were the opening words Robert spoke, “because from the ashes of your failure, come your success.” (Did I mention this dude shot his first feature for $7000 he made selling his body for medical trials? Yes, he’s that badass.) These words could not have come at a better time.

While “East WillyB” can hardly be viewed as a failure, I’ve sat through meetings upon meetings with industry execs telling me “East WillyB” is not enough. “You need more views, more Mexicans, more friendly White people, more stars!” Robert Rodriguez’s success tells an opposite story. Just do it, keep doing it, and the industry will follow.

I did not get to meet Robert. I met his sweet assistant, who conveniently forgot her cards. But, with the recent major announcement that he is launching his own Comcast channel “El Rey,” and “East WillyB” going into production this summer on a bigger & better season, it’s only a matter of time before “East WillyB’s” failure turns into a smashing success. Robert: our line is open.

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Buzz Video

Wanna learn more about the East WillyB? Check out this exclusive discussion with the cast and crew as they talk about the story behind the series and how the show came to be.

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