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Created by Julia Ahumada Grob and Yamin Segal

Meet the Cast: D-stroy aka Ceasar

We are going to bring you stories and interviews from the cast and crew so you can get to know who we are as the season progresses. This week, we bring to you the one and only D-Stroy. D-stroy plays Ceasar on East Willyb this season.
IMG_5593_21. What drew you to East Willyb?
That it was a comedy based in Brooklyn
2. What was your favorite part of shooting the series this summer?
Meeting people who were creative with one goal to give the best they could for EastWillyB
3. Team Willie or Team Albert? Why?
Team Willie because I root for underdogs
4. Favorite character (other than your own)?
5. What actor would you like to see guest starring on the show? Do you have a character idea?
Ruben Blades came with a whole character in his head at the screener. He said, he’d be an uncle of Willie’s. Who mumbles and speaks in other languages. Who Ceaser looks up to, even people think that his character is mentally challenged.
6. In your opinion, what makes East Willyb different from other shows or series?
Although it’s done with a limited budget, it’s not all set in one place.
7. What are your hopes for EWB?
My hopes are that it reaches it’s audience, who demands more. That a network orders 10 seasons and we stop during the 8th season to film a full-length.
8. What do you do when you’re not on EWB?
I punch horses in the face.

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