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Meet the Cast: D-stroy aka Ceasar

We are going to bring you stories and interviews from the cast and crew so you can get to know who we are as the season progresses. This week, we bring to you the one and only D-Stroy. D-stroy plays Ceasar on East Willyb this season.

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WATCH: New 2013 Season TEASER!

Welcome Back to Bushwick!

We know you’ve been waiting to see what we have in store for you, so here it is! Be the first to view our hot teaser for the new season of East WillyB.
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We have lots of events coming up and can’t wait to meet all our fans.
See you in Brooklyn.

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Extras! Extras! Read all about it!

We are finally in production and we are looking for extras! Please spread the word and join us if you are available!  Be a part of history and join our cast and crew!

Feel free to share with interested friends.

Please contact directly with the DATE & TIME you are available.

Thurs 8/30

Upscale Cafe Need 3 extras 8am at El Cio Mid 50 Starr Street

Piragua Stand Need 10 diverse extras 1pm at 24 St Nicholas Avenue

Friday 8/31

 Albert’s bar Need 10 white, asian, hipster extras 10am at 24 St Nicholas Avenue

Reggaeton concert Need as many 8pm at 40 Marcy Avenue

Thank you again for the support and for being a part of this process!

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Behind The Scenes of East WillyB: My Life As An Intern

Hola! My name is Anthony and I am the East WillyB intern, writing today to tell you a little about my
job. As the intern, my responsibility is basically to do whatever I can to help co-creators and executive
producers Julia and Yamin lives easier. I am a student in television writing & producing and now have
seen first hand how crazy planning a tv show can be! There’s a thousand things to do to prep the show
for production and I try to do my small part to help get it done.

I started a few months ago helping out on the Kickstarter campaign. I helped Yamin shoot promotional
videos for the campaign, organized email lists and wrote some of the tweets and facebook posts
thanking all our wonderful supporters for helping us raise 50K in 50 Days. Helping out on social media
is actually my favorite part of the job because I get to talk to our audience and tell them all the exciting
stuff happening on the show! After the campaign ended I switched into office mode: helping organize
all the paperwork we need for our busy summer, doing research for the show, and making LOTS of
copies for our table read of the script. LOTS of copies- thousand of pages worth. But it was a cool trade
off because I got to read the stage directions and watch the cast read through the whole season, which
is awesome by the way. Except for my butchered Spanish the read through was great and it really
pumped me up for the final push before production.

East WillyB is a creative, fun, and extremely exciting place to work and I’m really grateful for the
opportunity to intern with this show. I hope that you’re excited as I am about the upcoming season!
Now I best get back to work on some more research and social media to keep you in the loop about our
show. Thanks for reading!

Anthony the Intern

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Latino Greeks: Are You Down With East WillyB?

Latino Greeks are prevalent in our communities. If you haven’t heard about them or what they do then listen up.  Latino Greeks are social and educational organizations that are modeled after the historic African American Greek letter organizations, better known as the Divine Nine.  I had the great pleasure of becoming a member of Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Incorporated.  Our sorority is younger than most since it was founded in 1994 but some organizations like Phi Iota Alpha have been around since 1931.  Other like the ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha have been around since 1975.

I have many friends who are Lambda Theta Nu, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Sigma Lambda Beta.  These organizations boast a 99% graduation rate among their members and serve as exemplary leaders in the community.  Although our organizations are often misunderstood or labeled as “glorified gangs”, they serve a purpose at our educational institutions and in our communities.  In times of need, Latino Greeks come together to support a cause and to create movements. During the 2006 May Day Immigrant marches, hundreds of Latino Greeks marched along side our community and served as their security detail. We march, we protest, we support our community because that is what we do. Education, community service and brother/sisterhood are our founding cornerstones.

There’s also a wild side to the organizations and we are competitive. Why not?  We’re social organizations too. We have our special chants, calls, strolls and step teams that show others who we are and that the party has officially arrived! Part of the college experience was showing up to a part in your letter jacket and strolling through the crowd to let them know that the “awesomeness” has walked in.  We have merengue strolls, salsa strolls, drop it like it hot stroll and many more!

Check out the brothers from Sigma Lambda Beta at a recent strolling competition and you can see what it’s all about.

So here is our challenge to you! We want to feature the best of the best Latino Greek organization on our show and we want you to show us what you’ve got!  The Latino Greek organization that raises the most money will win a spot in one of our episodes. You can chant, stroll, step and show your colors and pride on an international and historical show. With your help we will be the first ever Latino Sit-Com that was supported completely by their community. Don’t you want to be a part of that? Your organizations have until June 1st to show us who the top organization is.

Tweet us and say “(Latino Greek Org) is down for @Eastwillyb & will take on the #greeks4eastwillyb challenge! Help us raise the $$$

Like us on Facebook and have your brothers and sisters tag us on their posts to let us know that you have accepted the challenge and are down for East WillyB.  Get creative, make a video and we’ll feature it on our site!

We’ll provide a daily poll on our Facebook page that will update the leader board! For more information you can email  Let the games begin!


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TRAILER: Watch Manny Goes To Spain! We're International!

We’re international! Today I have the pleasure of premiering the trailer for our new bonus episode “Manny goes to Spain.” The episode was filmed almost entirely in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It was the result of a co-production, but more importantly friendship, with Sandra Gonzalez Diaz and her Santa Cruz based film festival Movilfestawards. Thank you Sandra!

Yamin capturing the perfect shot!

            About three years ago I was touring the film festival circuit with my short film “El Ladroncito.” Filmed in my native Nicaragua, the film attracted the attention of the Miami Short Film Festival, whose director happened to be a fellow “Pinolero.” At the time, his festival had a partnership with Movilfestawards and “El Ladroncito” was invited to participate as part of the Miami Short Film Festival showcase. Needless to say, the simple fact that I was invited to present as part of the MSFF was honor enough, but I instantly fell in love with Santa Cruz, it’s people and culture, and knew that I had to return.

            When Julia and I began East WillyB, it was our mission to create a product that pushed the envelope of today’s understanding of technology and its influence on media. We were eager to work with like-minded people, and Sandra Gonzalez Diaz instantly came to mind. I had found my ticket back to sunny Tenerife!

            Sandra’s Movilfestawards specializes in screening only films shot on cellphones. It was a refreshing change from the usual film festivals I attended where you sit and wonder if the filmmaker poured $20,000 into a five-minute movie, or how they got their A-list actor. I was watching the democratization of the film festival, and more importantly, story. All the films looked similar. Of course you had your flourishes as people played with the medium, but for the most part what appeared on the screen was story, and after all isn’t that what we’re doing? Telling stories?

            So Sandra and I decided to tell a story. A fan of our series East WillyB, Sandra suggested that we shoot a special episode in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to coincide with the run of her festival. Of course I accepted, and we instantly agreed that we should film the majority of the episode with our cellphones in honor of our partnership.

            After an excruciating call where I had to beg super talented actor Johnny Rivera to come with me, we set out to produce undoubtedly East WillyB’s most ambitious episode. With cellphones in hand, Johnny and I shot in JFK, we shot on the airplane, and we shot all over the island of Tenerife. What resulted is a fun episode that plays with the abundance of new technology available to us.  If nothing else I hope it stands as an example of what is possible with todays technology, and encourages you to get out and film whatever, whenever. Thank you William Vela! Thank you Sandra! Thank you Julia and the amazing team of East WillyB!

            Now I just gotta figure out my excuse for getting back this year!

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