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Meet the Cast: D-stroy aka Ceasar

We are going to bring you stories and interviews from the cast and crew so you can get to know who we are as the season progresses. This week, we bring to you the one and only D-Stroy. D-stroy plays Ceasar on East Willyb this season.

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Giving Thanks…Dando Gracias

There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now  is right on time.” ― Asha Tyson

Cast & Crew

Well, it’s finally here and we couldn’t be more nervous, excited, thrilled,  scared and anxious to deliver to you the first season of East WillyB.  It’s been an incredible journey and one that we are enjoying and  relishing each and every day.  Running a crowd-funding campaign is no  easy feat, and if you talk to anyone in the crowd-funding or fundraising industry, they’ll tell you that running one for $50,000 in 50 days is  madness. But, with the love and support of our fans, families and  friends, we did it.  We did it because you believed in the power of what we are creating and you saw yourself in our project. You’ve experienced this gentrification in your neighborhood, your best friend reminded you of Ceci, or you just really love anything that Flaco Navaja creates.  Whatever the reason was, you believed in us and we did it.

We are incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support and love that we have received from everyone because there were moments when we thought this wasn’t going to happen, and that we were going to fail. Launching a crowd funding campaign requires daily maintenance, tweeking, and optimism. It requires a calm mind and hopeful spirit that believes that anything is possible. It requires full support from our partners and loved ones in our moment of insanity. It is love.

Now, it’s here. And we couldn’t be more thankful to you for your support. This season is dedicated to you and to the American Latino who never gives up, finds possibilities everywhere and knows where they come from.  We are uniquely connected to each other by our heritage, regardless of where we come from or where we live. This show does take place in Everywhere, USA because we have shared experiences that you can relate to.

Our last request to you is that you please share our show and our story with all your friends, families, networks, co-workers, compadres, comadres, and beyond.  We are still on a journey and we hope you join us as we continue to spread the message of our show and our community.  Help us show the networks that these stories are going to be told with or without your support because they are worth telling. Independent Latino shows can be successful because we’ll make the successful through the help of our communities.

Muchisimas gracias, for all of your support. Enjoy the show.

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WATCH: New 2013 Season TEASER!

Welcome Back to Bushwick!

We know you’ve been waiting to see what we have in store for you, so here it is! Be the first to view our hot teaser for the new season of East WillyB.
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We have lots of events coming up and can’t wait to meet all our fans.
See you in Brooklyn.

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East WillyB: Casting Call

East WillyB is casting the following roles for the next season. 

Please submit headshots, resumes, and reels live sex to River Red Casting:

Include “East WillyB” and name of role you are submitting for in the subject line. Good Luck!


Late 20s/early 30s, Latino, Enano is the hustler of the neighborhood. He will
literally sell you anything – watches, shoes, pepper spray, insurance, old food – but
you’re probably best off not buying unless you’re really in a bind. A Brooklyn kid
with that Brooklyn edge Enano is a big guy despite what his name may have you
believe. If you didn’t know him you may say he looks mean, but Enano is more likely
to run away than engage in a fight. Confrontation is bad business.


Late 20s/early 30s, Puerto Rican, Rick is Bushwick’s self-appointed
immigration officer. An ex Army man who loves to read revolutionary authors, Rick
has made it his job to protect his beloved neighborhood from the invaders in the
style of the Minutemen of the U.S.-Mexican border. Hipsters, stroller-moms, college
kids, and everyone else who is not from Bushwick, is subject to deportation back to
Williamsburg. Rick always carries his trusty tape recorder around to make notes
about the goings-on in his town, and is often heard saying his catch frase “I see you.”

Fake Father
Late 50s, Latino, Fake father is a drunk that Enano found hanging
out at a local liquor store. He is worn down by the years but develops a renewed
energy and cunning when presented with the possibility of a free drink.

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Extras! Extras! Read all about it!

We are finally in production and we are looking for extras! Please spread the word and join us if you are available!  Be a part of history and join our cast and crew!

Feel free to share with interested friends.

Please contact directly with the DATE & TIME you are available.

Thurs 8/30

Upscale Cafe Need 3 extras 8am at El Cio Mid 50 Starr Street

Piragua Stand Need 10 diverse extras 1pm at 24 St Nicholas Avenue

Friday 8/31

 Albert’s bar Need 10 white, asian, hipster extras 10am at 24 St Nicholas Avenue

Reggaeton concert Need as many 8pm at 40 Marcy Avenue

Thank you again for the support and for being a part of this process!

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Behind The Scenes of East WillyB: My Life As An Intern

Hola! My name is Anthony and I am the East WillyB intern, writing today to tell you a little about my
job. As the intern, my responsibility is basically to do whatever I can to help co-creators and executive
producers Julia and Yamin lives easier. I am a student in television writing & producing and now have
seen first hand how crazy planning a tv show can be! There’s a thousand things to do to prep the show
for production and I try to do my small part to help get it done.

I started a few months ago helping out on the Kickstarter campaign. I helped Yamin shoot promotional
videos for the campaign, organized email lists and wrote some of the tweets and facebook posts
thanking all our wonderful supporters for helping us raise 50K in 50 Days. Helping out on social media
is actually my favorite part of the job because I get to talk to our audience and tell them all the exciting
stuff happening on the show! After the campaign ended I switched into office mode: helping organize
all the paperwork we need for our busy summer, doing research for the show, and making LOTS of
copies for our table read of the script. LOTS of copies- thousand of pages worth. But it was a cool trade
off because I got to read the stage directions and watch the cast read through the whole season, which
is awesome by the way. Except for my butchered Spanish the read through was great and it really
pumped me up for the final push before production.

East WillyB is a creative, fun, and extremely exciting place to work and I’m really grateful for the
opportunity to intern with this show. I hope that you’re excited as I am about the upcoming season!
Now I best get back to work on some more research and social media to keep you in the loop about our
show. Thanks for reading!

Anthony the Intern

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